Birmingham Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust (BDMAT)

Welcome to Warton Nethersole's C.E. Primary School

Warton School

School Mission Statement:

We welcome children of all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs into our inclusive community. We seek inspiration from the life and teaching of Jesus Christ to help our children achieve their full potential. We uphold the distinctive Christian ethos and values of the BDMAT when making all decisions and implementing policy and practice. We aim to provide a caring and stimulating environment which promotes a love of learning whilst seeking to inspire every pupil to become a well-motivated, independent and resourceful learner.

School Vision:

We keep children at the heart of everything we do. Together we thrive, supported by our 'golden rule':

'Do for other people the same things you want them to do for you' - Matthew 7.12

Recent News:

21/03/2020 - Home Learning work sheets have been added for all classes:

21/03/2020 - The second set of Spring class newsletters are available for the following classes:

31/1/2020 - The second Spring newsletter is now available: Spring #2.

10/1/2020 - The first Spring newsletter can now be downloaded: Spring #1.

Worship Leaders - Pictured below are our Worship Leaders for 2019-2020. They have an important role to play in organising Collective Worship, choosing hymns reading Bible passages and writing and reading prayers. Later in the year they will meet with Worship Leaders from other schools to share ideas and experiences.

Worship Leaders

Prayer Spaces - Following a successful week of exploring prayer spaces last term, we are hoping to set up areas using some of the ideas we really liked in our classrooms.
This term, Worship Leaders will also be asking the children for ideas for the redevelopment of our outside prayer and reflection garden.